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Understanding Automation in HR

Human resource management and process are critical components of any business. It handles recruiting, onboarding, training and development, payroll, and offboarding, among other things. No company could function smoothly without human resources. However, HR departments are frequently swamped with paperwork and tedious manual processes, exhausting employees–making them prone to errors and rendering them to performing their tasks ineffectively. As a result, many companies are implementing HR aut

Connected Construction 101: Why It’s the Future of the Industry

As a subcontractor, you know how difficult it is to manage construction projects. You need to bring together suppliers, equipment, materials, and labor within an estimated budget and timeline. Managing workflows by hand can often lead to client dissatisfaction, budget overruns, delays, reduction of profit, and additional costs for project stakeholders. According to the 2022 Billd Industry Report, as many as 72% of contractors are

Job Leveling Matrix: All You Need To Know | Zavvy

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about the job level matrix - and how to create your own matrices. This simple tool will give employees a clear understanding of the job levels in the company and the competencies they may need to attain them. If you cannot give your colleagues satisfactory answers to these questions, that will lead to They may not speak out, but many of your team members and employees feel this way about their current or future careers. Almost 33% of peo

New Hire Onboarding Survey: XY Questions + Best Practices | Zavvy

You will also learn when to collect feedback, what questions to include, and best practices for implementing your onboarding survey right. This article will discuss what an onboarding survey is and why it's important. It helps align them with the company's morals to encourage company engagement and potentially increase employee retention . The onboarding survey is not only a significant part of the hiring process but is also crucial in getting to know new hires, their expectations, and their

16 Examples of Learning Culture | Zavvy

Here, we'll give you some concrete examples of learning culture , the best practices of companies with a great learning culture, along with some tips on ensuring that learning continuously happens on its own. And in most cases, the concept of "culture" sounds so vague that even experienced HR teams don't know where to start. Unfortunately, many companies pay little attention to it, if not completely neglect it, as the numerous training and seminars take time away from getting the actual job fi

The Design-Build Construction Method: Advantages and Drawbacks

Through the years, the construction industry has gravitated toward alternative project delivery methods like CMAR and integrated project delivery. And one of the fastest-growing delivery methods is Design-Build construction. It is known to save money and make otherwise impossible timeframes more realistic and achievable, making it an easier sell to project owners. But should you embrace the design-build delivery method as you expand your general contracting business? In this article, we’ll disc

What Is Integrated Project Delivery, and Is It Suitable for Your Project?

What Is Integrated Project Delivery, and Is It Suitable for Your Project? Just 2% of construction projects are completed on time and on budget. This encouraged construction professionals to develop new, more efficient project delivery methods. We’ve explored a few of these, like pull planning, value engineering and lean construction. One of the most popular project delivery methods that has emerged is Integrated Project Delivery. Here, we’ll discuss what sets IPD apart from traditional project

Workmanlike Manner: What It Actually Means and What Subcontractors Need to Know

Workmanlike Manner: What It Actually Means and What Subcontractors Need to Know As a contractor, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the phrase “workmanlike manner” in your construction contracts. It’s an admittedly vague term used to describe completed work that meets the standard recognized in your industry – work that could only be completed by a skilled workman in your trade. However, industry standards aren’t always uniform, and clients may even claim that work doesn’t meet their subjective sta

ICF Construction: Everything Subcontractors Need to Know

ICF Construction: Everything Subcontractors Need to Know As a subcontractor, you’ve personally witnessed the slew of technological advancements that transformed the construction industry in recent years. Concrete is one of the many continuously advancing trades, and one of its most recent and popular innovations involves Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). According to Grand View Research, the adoption of ICFs in the construction industry has increased in areas with cold climates. In addition, Mor

Shop Drawings 101: What Subcontractors Need to Know

Shop Drawings 101: What Subcontractors Need to Know As all subcontractors know, every impressive building you see around you has undergone rigorous processes to become what it is today, each with its own set of specifications and measurements, meticulously planned and reviewed on paper. Before breaking ground, ample paperwork must be completed, including initial plans and drawings. This includes sketches, detailed drawings, as-built drawings, and more. In this article, we’ll focus on a specifi