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5 ancient kitchen gadgets that would boggle the minds of today's youth

5 ancient kitchen gadgets that would boggle the minds of today's youth ​ Kids these days with their smartphones and tablets, they just don't know how good they have it! If only they could see some of the ancient kitchen gadgets that their grandparents used, they would be truly amazed. Here are five of the most fascinating (and slightly bizarre) kitchen gadgets from history. We encourage you to share a few of these pics with your grandkids and see if they can guess what they are! This gadget wa

10 interesting and cheap DIY beauty treatments that you can do at home

Ageing gracefully is a laudable goal, but occasionally all of us like to pamper ourselves a bit. Beauty treatments can often be expensive, though, so here are 10 cheap and easy DIY beauty treatments you can do at home. A sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Simply mix together 1 Cup White Sugar, 1 Cup Raw Sugar, 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, 1/2 Cup Olive Oil, and a f

The 10 Iconic Fashion Moments That Made Us Love Princess Diana

Princess Diana left the world with many incredible gifts, including a lifetime of activism, humanitarian work, and compassion. But there's something else she left behind that has kept us loving her to this day, a legacy the world has never seen before: her sense of fashion. With her penchant for tailored designs with sharp angles, bold and often contrasting colours of prints, to unexpected shapes, the people's princess mad

30 Noteworthy Event Photographers in Singapore

An event occurs only once—you can’t resurrect the moment or go back in time. Hence, it’s crucial to work with the best event photographers—because once you miss a moment, there’s no second chance. Professional event photographers are equipped with the necessary equipment to capture your event perfectly, regardless of lighting condition. That said, you’re obviously not just paying for the equipment, but also the skill set—which takes many years of experience to hone. Whether you’re looking for

20 Types of Wedding Photo Booths for an Unforgettable Day

Is it just us, or does a wedding reception feel incomplete without a photo booth? There’s something irresistible about wedding photo booths—as if they’re calling your name and saying, “You look stunning, come take a picture.” Wedding photo booths add a fun and exciting element to your reception. They serve as both entertainment and a means for the couple’s guests to create a fun and memorable keepsake. If you’re looking to hire a wedding photo booth for your big day, but don’t know where to st

Enhance your memory: 10 fun ways to boost your brain

Is this the first sign of Alzheimer's? No, simple forgetfulness, such as misplacing your car keys or phones, as well as a delay or slowing in recalling dates, names, and events, can be part of the normal ageing process. What is not normal in older people is significant memory loss and loss of cognitive functioning. This could be due to health disorders, brain injury, or neurological illness, with Alzheimer's being one of the most feared. The majority of memory problems we experience as we a

10 of our favourite TV Shows from the 1960s

Ah, the 1960s, the birth of a new era of television programming before broadcasts had transitioned from black and white to colour (colour TV not arriving until 1975). Back then, watching TV was a family affair, with everyone gathered around the television to watch their favourite shows every night. Add to that the classic theme songs that added to the whimsy of the most memorable shows. While many of the faces on our screens were still p

30 Creative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love

While your photographer will take many beautiful photographs on your wedding day, they will be primarily focused on you and the main events on the dance floor. So for everything fun that’s happening behind the scenes, that’s where the wedding photo booth comes in. We’re not going to lie, the photo booth is usually something that guests look forward to at a wedding, which is why wedding planners and couples think about it carefully. Should you go for a chic, rustic, or bohemian wedding photo bo
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Top grocery products spiking sales during lockdown

While many Australians have been forced to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions, the popularity of many supermarket products has skyrocketed. As we remember all too well, as soon as the lockdown was announced, supermarket shelves were cleared of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, cleaning alcohol, and face masks. However, there are a couple of other supermarket items that are filling up shoppers’ carts. Here we list the top grocery products that saw an increase in sales during the lockdown. 1. Frozen dumplings Shoppers are raving about frozen dumplings as a quick and easy home meal. whopping 21 million bags sold in Woolworths and Coles last year. The $7.50 dumplings come in a range of unique flavours, including Korean beef BBQ pork and honey soy chicken. While many Australians have been f

Woman reveals the ‘right way’ to reheat food in the microwave: ‘hack you wish you’d known sooner’

Have you ever taken out food that has been reheated in the microwave and discovered that some parts of it are hot enough while others are still frozen? That's because you've been using the microwave wrong! A Tiktok video has gone viral after a foodie revealed the ‘right way’ to reheat food in a microwave - and it might surprise you. The woman, with Tiktok handle Tanya Home Inspo, shocked thousands after sharing the ‘mind-blowing’ clip. Tanya, an NHS employee, claims that putting food on the edge of the glass microwave plate rather than in the centre is the most efficient way to use the microwave. In the video, she places a container of food on the rotating plate's edge before turning on the appliance.

7 Amazing Kmart hacks to try for under $20

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic left us all with no choice but to postpone our travel plans, stay at home, and find new hobbies to keep us entertained with lockdown restrictions. Some people unlocked a love for cooking and baking, others built online businesses, and some found a passion for interior design and everything home upgrade-related. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your place without burning a hole in your wallet, we’ve rounded up the latest Kmart hacks that are easy, affordable