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20 Types of Wedding Photo Booths for an Unforgettable Day

Is it just us, or does a wedding reception feel incomplete without a photo booth? There’s something irresistible about wedding photo booths—as if they’re calling your name and saying, “You look stunning, come take a picture.” Wedding photo booths add a fun and exciting element to your reception. They serve as both entertainment and a means for the couple’s guests to create a fun and memorable keepsake. If you’re looking to hire a wedding photo booth for your big day, but don’t know where to st

30 Creative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love

While your photographer will take many beautiful photographs on your wedding day, they will be primarily focused on you and the main events on the dance floor. So for everything fun that’s happening behind the scenes, that’s where the wedding photo booth comes in. We’re not going to lie, the photo booth is usually something that guests look forward to at a wedding, which is why wedding planners and couples think about it carefully. Should you go for a chic, rustic, or bohemian wedding photo bo

Top 5 Wedding Venues in North New Jersey

Nothing says ‘perfect wedding’ like showing off breath-taking photos of you and your partner happily celebrating your union in a stunning setting. Therefore, finding the best wedding venue is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. After all, it will be the background of your wedding photos, as well as the backdrop to the greatest scene of your life story. We believe that nothing can make your wedding more perfect than the perfect venue to capture your beautiful moments. So, we’ve put together the top five wedding venues in New Jersey to help you find the perfect place to start your story. 1. Park Chateau Estate and Gardens Turn your dream wedding into reality with Park Chateau Estate and Gardens. Be in your own romance movie as you walk down the aisle surrounded by the beautifully manicured gardens, or you can seal the deal in their wonderful non-denominational chapel. Enjoy a luxurious celebration in their stylish cocktail room and grand ballroom. Then, cap the special day off in one of their high-end suites. Park Chateau Estate and Gardens is located at 678 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

How to Plan a Wedding in New Jersey

So you've decided to hold your wedding in New Jersey. The Garden State caught your attention, but you don't know where to start. Don’t fret, I'll give you some basic tips on how to plan your wedding in NJ. First of all, begin planning as soon as you are engaged. It takes a long time to plan the perfect wedding, so get started as soon as possible. Then include the following on your list: Wedding Venue A wedding cannot take place without a venue. Because your wedding venue will be the setting for your happily ever after, it must reflect your romance. New Jersey has a plethora of lovely venues just waiting for you. There are numerous options in NJ, whether you want a rustic wedding or an elegant gala wedding. Wedding month Choosing a month to tie the knot is an important first step in wedding planning. New Jersey experiences all four seasons. Expect sticky summer in July, cold winter in January, and rainy days in May. So plan ahead of time to avoid stress on your wedding day.

The Art Factory - Wedding Venue Review

Every girl dreams of being married in the most beautiful place imaginable- the place that would fit their personality and perfectly narrate their love story. But, with so many events places in the United States, which one should you choose? Well, choosing a place for your big day could be a daunting task, and you have to consider many things like the number of guests and the wedding theme. If you’re thinking about having a rustic wedding theme, I’ll recommend a venue that you can add to your list- The Art Factory. The Art Factory is a wedding venue in Paterson, New Jersey. Here, I’ll explain why you should consider holding your wedding event there.