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Understanding Automation in HR

Human resource management and process are critical components of any business. It handles recruiting, onboarding, training and development, payroll, and offboarding, among other things. No company could function smoothly without human resources. However, HR departments are frequently swamped with paperwork and tedious manual processes, exhausting employees–making them prone to errors and rendering them to performing their tasks ineffectively. As a result, many companies are implementing HR aut

Connected Construction 101: Why It’s the Future of the Industry

As a subcontractor, you know how difficult it is to manage construction projects. You need to bring together suppliers, equipment, materials, and labor within an estimated budget and timeline. Managing workflows by hand can often lead to client dissatisfaction, budget overruns, delays, reduction of profit, and additional costs for project stakeholders. According to the 2022 Billd Industry Report, as many as 72% of contractors are

Job Leveling Matrix: All You Need To Know | Zavvy

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about the job level matrix - and how to create your own matrices. This simple tool will give employees a clear understanding of the job levels in the company and the competencies they may need to attain them. If you cannot give your colleagues satisfactory answers to these questions, that will lead to They may not speak out, but many of your team members and employees feel this way about their current or future careers. Almost 33% of peo

5 science-backed supplements that can help keep your mind & body sharp as you age

5 science-backed supplements that can help keep your mind & body sharp as you age ​ I'm not a doctor, so take everything I say in this article with a grain of salt, but I have to admit I'm skeptical when it comes to most of the vitamins and supplements you'll find littering the shelves in a typical pharmacy. In most cases, I suspect eating a balanced diet (and possibly supplementing that with a multivitamin) is enough to ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need. That said, there ar

5 ancient kitchen gadgets that would boggle the minds of today's youth

5 ancient kitchen gadgets that would boggle the minds of today's youth ​ Kids these days with their smartphones and tablets, they just don't know how good they have it! If only they could see some of the ancient kitchen gadgets that their grandparents used, they would be truly amazed. Here are five of the most fascinating (and slightly bizarre) kitchen gadgets from history. We encourage you to share a few of these pics with your grandkids and see if they can guess what they are! This gadget wa

10 interesting and cheap DIY beauty treatments that you can do at home

Ageing gracefully is a laudable goal, but occasionally all of us like to pamper ourselves a bit. Beauty treatments can often be expensive, though, so here are 10 cheap and easy DIY beauty treatments you can do at home. A sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft. Simply mix together 1 Cup White Sugar, 1 Cup Raw Sugar, 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, 1/2 Cup Olive Oil, and a f

The Best Real Estate Conferences for the Rest of 2022

The World Real Estate Forum will provide a bird’s-eye view of the real estate market highlighting regional and global trends. And, of course, it’s MIT, so you know it’ll be high-tech. UI/UX: customer-driven technology for real estate and “‘Smart Zones’ and the user interface of real estate” were among the topics covered in previous forums. This year’s event will be a virtual forum filled with lively and informative discussions between industry thought leaders on topics affecting global real est

New Hire Onboarding Survey: XY Questions + Best Practices | Zavvy

You will also learn when to collect feedback, what questions to include, and best practices for implementing your onboarding survey right. This article will discuss what an onboarding survey is and why it's important. It helps align them with the company's morals to encourage company engagement and potentially increase employee retention . The onboarding survey is not only a significant part of the hiring process but is also crucial in getting to know new hires, their expectations, and their

10 Superfoods That You're Probably Not Eating But Should Be

10 Superfoods That You're Probably Not Eating But Should Be ​ The world of nutrition can be confusing. Every day there seems to be a new superfood or diet that promises amazing health benefits. It can be hard to know what to believe and what to ignore. However, there are some foods that have been shown to be truly super—foods that offer significant health benefits and that everyone should be eating more of. Here are 10 of the best. But before we begin, what exactly is a 'superfood' a

The 10 Iconic Fashion Moments That Made Us Love Princess Diana

Princess Diana left the world with many incredible gifts, including a lifetime of activism, humanitarian work, and compassion. But there's something else she left behind that has kept us loving her to this day, a legacy the world has never seen before: her sense of fashion. With her penchant for tailored designs with sharp angles, bold and often contrasting colours of prints, to unexpected shapes, the people's princess mad

The Best Mushroom Coffee: Our Top 8 Picks

Mushroom coffees have created quite the buzz in the wellness industry as of late. They’re all over social media and flood supermarket shelves, with each brand promising that their products possess incredible health benefits and serve as a delicious way to start your day. While many people use functional mushroom supplements on their own, I think most of us can agree that combining them with coffee doesn’t sound that appetizing. However, this unique beverage isn’t as strange as it sounds. In fa

16 Examples of Learning Culture | Zavvy

Here, we'll give you some concrete examples of learning culture , the best practices of companies with a great learning culture, along with some tips on ensuring that learning continuously happens on its own. And in most cases, the concept of "culture" sounds so vague that even experienced HR teams don't know where to start. Unfortunately, many companies pay little attention to it, if not completely neglect it, as the numerous training and seminars take time away from getting the actual job fi

The Design-Build Construction Method: Advantages and Drawbacks

Through the years, the construction industry has gravitated toward alternative project delivery methods like CMAR and integrated project delivery. And one of the fastest-growing delivery methods is Design-Build construction. It is known to save money and make otherwise impossible timeframes more realistic and achievable, making it an easier sell to project owners. But should you embrace the design-build delivery method as you expand your general contracting business? In this article, we’ll disc

The Metaverse Is Already Here. But What Exactly Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

Can you imagine a world where you meet up with your friends, work out, play a game, watch a live concert, and buy merchandise from your favorite brand without leaving the comfort of your own home? Welcome to the metaverse. It may seem like something out of the dystopian Sci-Fi series ‘Black Mirror’, but it's here, whether you like it or not. Humanity has begun to embrace the concept of a virtual world, and individuals can now live digitally on the internet via the metaverse. And, yes! It has

MSM Powder For Hair Growth | 3 Best MSM Supplement Brands

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-rich compound that occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, grains, and beverages such as tea, coffee, and cow’s milk. MSM has become a popular supplement for its anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in treating arthritis, joint pain, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, and other inflammatory conditions that cause hair loss. MSM is known by a few other names: methyl sulfone, DMSO2, dimethyl sulfone, organic sulfide, and dimethyl crystalline dim

Our Reviews Of The 5 Best Mushroom Blend Powder Brands

Mushrooms lack the vibrant colors and sweet flavors of many fruits and vegetables, and they’re a humble food that grows in dark, damp forests. However, they too contain an abundance of antioxidants and medicinal properties which is why the market for them extends far beyond the shiitake and portobello mushrooms found in the produce section. Suddenly, exotic mushrooms have appeared in everything from coffee powders to capsules, to beauty products and more. According to one report, the functional

Our Four Sigmatic Reviews Of The 12 Best Four Sigmatic Products

Best Four Sigmatic Products At A Glance Mushrooms are one of the best flavor enhancers in the culinary world, often used for their delicate umami and savory taste. It’s no surprise that they are the second most popular pizza topping after pepperoni. However, despite the popularity of their use in meals, mushrooms have also been found to offer a wide range of health benefits and are used for their medicinal and adaptogenic properties as well. Mushrooms are referred to as superfoods because they

ICF Construction: Everything Subcontractors Need to Know

ICF Construction: Everything Subcontractors Need to Know As a subcontractor, you’ve personally witnessed the slew of technological advancements that transformed the construction industry in recent years. Concrete is one of the many continuously advancing trades, and one of its most recent and popular innovations involves Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). According to Grand View Research, the adoption of ICFs in the construction industry has increased in areas with cold climates. In addition, Mor

What Is Integrated Project Delivery, and Is It Suitable for Your Project?

What Is Integrated Project Delivery, and Is It Suitable for Your Project? Just 2% of construction projects are completed on time and on budget. This encouraged construction professionals to develop new, more efficient project delivery methods. We’ve explored a few of these, like pull planning, value engineering and lean construction. One of the most popular project delivery methods that has emerged is Integrated Project Delivery. Here, we’ll discuss what sets IPD apart from traditional project

Workmanlike Manner: What It Actually Means and What Subcontractors Need to Know

Workmanlike Manner: What It Actually Means and What Subcontractors Need to Know As a contractor, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the phrase “workmanlike manner” in your construction contracts. It’s an admittedly vague term used to describe completed work that meets the standard recognized in your industry – work that could only be completed by a skilled workman in your trade. However, industry standards aren’t always uniform, and clients may even claim that work doesn’t meet their subjective sta
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